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Thief of Dreams
Thief of Dreams
Weaving a pattern of confusion within understanding, contained within a ring of eternal night. Draped in the baubles of nativity, beaded as an insect within our own net of deception and obscurity. Lying there, hanging by the once-living, bound in it's eternal struggle against it's pre-ordained foe, with no choice but to serve as a slave to our subconscious. Assaulted by visions of madness within the chaos of tranquility, it sits, barring access to it's charge. Upon stolen wings, it hovers, silent in it's cause, but stern in it's conviction, silently waiting for the next eternal darkness to overcome it......
:iconkidcodychan:Kidcodychan 0 0
Confused belief, consumed in fear.
Unknowing fate that soon draws near.
Lost inside, not knowing what's real.
A soul so numb, unable to to feel.
Walk the path, a fine line in mind.
Controlled by time, all is lost behind.
Cannot tell, cannot see,
That emptiness lives inside of me.
Voices call unto deaf ears.
Visions of times that soon draw near.
Forces drawn by will alone.
Faded spirit, strength now gone.
A lonely road, bound by creed.
Held by rites of ancient rede.
Dazed, confused, and mystified.
A tortured soul so lost inside.
Hiding lies so deep inside.
Cannot hide what fate decides.
Lost in doubt, I cannot see.
Fading, something inside me.
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Japan!! Here I Come!
Hey Guys!
So, long ago back in Jr. High in grade 8 I started to get into the Japanese culture, of course anime/manga and drawing as well followed after. There were two Japanese woman that were there to learn a bit about teaching, and brushing up their English. They were already fairly fluent in English so it was easy to communicate with each other. Graciously they held Japanese lessons after school for FREE. So of course I took up the offer as well as a couple of other students. It wasn't a too big of a class, a good 5-8 of us at any given time. I was able to have very simple conversations and could read Hiragana and Katakana no problem. Soon after I knew lots of words and could translate a fair bit of stuff, still had hard with sentence structure. 
After Jr,high, I still studied a bit but not as I use to. When I was in Grade 11 we had a couple of Japanese intern students, one of which I became close friends with! I helped her with some translations as I was still kinda fluent in
:iconhalfbreed-kitomi:HalfBreed-Kitomi 1 0
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